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Jeffrey Semon

My Skills & Experience

Accelerating for CPA Candidacy and building dreams with Horizons

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My Bio

Who I Am

I am currently applying myself to enter the Accounting profession at entry level with education from UMGC, Cornell and YSU with 1 year of Accounting experience. My education includes Accounting, Information Technology, Computer Science and Information Systems and Engineering as my primary disciplines for skills. I am seeking access to employment to obtain experience for CPA licensure as a CPA Candidate.

I am also in the process of pursuing a position in project management compatible with CPA candidacy. I am a current Project Management Institute member interested in advancing my 4 years of project management experience into project management certifications in preparation for PMI CAPM certification.

I am also currently engineering a company in Aerospace and Defense named Horizons as a side gig, which will include skills from my CPA Candidacy with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Project Management Institute as part of the incubation and bootstrapping phases to lift my project and licensing agenda off the ground.

I am accomplished with significant education and continuously building experience with soft skills in leadership, communications and general studies to apply with roles in Computer Science, Business Administration, Accounting, IT and Engineering.

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Academic Experience

My Studies

September 2009 - May 2012

MS Accounting and Information Technology, UMGC

Research, projects and examinations in a context preparatory for the Uniform CPA Examination. Memberships in ACFE, AICPA, MACPA and ISACA as a Graduate Student for Undergraduate Student cultivation, graduate advancement and future CPA candidacy career positioning.

August 1996 - May 2009

BSBA Accounting, YSU

Examinations and internship in a context that is preparatory for the uniform CPA Examination with a 150 hour undergraduate consisting of materials for Accounting and Computer Science and I
Information Systems. Memberships in OSCPA and AICPA as a student for future professional practices and endeavors.

October 2022 - Current

Various Engineering Certifications, Cornell

Subjects that went through Executive Certifications include Technology Leadership, Innovation Strategy,  currently Digital Transformation and future certification in Product Management.

October 2018 - May 2019

Soft Skills Certification with Leadership and Communications Cores, RIT

Leadership, teamwork, decision making, creative thought, critical thinking, presentations, professional communications and professional speaking are the major subjects covered in the skill sets for the certifications with RIT.

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Tricks of the Trade

Accounting and Information Technology

Academic success with a Master of Science from global top 1% university UMGC and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the subject matter. I have accumulated 1+ years of experience in this area in management of budgets, working in digital assurance for accounting clients, IT implementation projects and managing a general ledger.


Seeking success in engineering a aerospace and defense firm named Horizons to begin a incubation phase leading to bootstrapping and corporate formation. Please keep in touch with this site for the development of a new website, which is called for detailing the introduction and purpose of Horizons and it's CEO myself.

Customer Service and Sales

My current skillset from practical experience developed while in college and seeking entry into a new career as a transitioning professional from academics with CPA Candidacy consists of 9 years of work in serving customers in projects in retail and wholesale environments. This work also includes a practice in sales with customer service in retail and wholesale environments.

Project Management

I have 5 years of experience managing projects of small and midsize with  exposure to complex projects that are large scale. These projects involved working with waterfall projects and agile projects of small, midsize and large scales. I also have experience in implementation of micro projects for COTS software and Google Suite.

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Digital Portfolio

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Digital Resume

Summary, strong skills, degrees and experience.

Snapshot of valuable skills with summary. Foundation with BSBA in Accounting and advancement with MS in Accounting and IT from top 1% global university UMGC. Also includes most recent experience. For a complete overview of my portfolio go to

Additional Certifications

My certifications include engineering certifications applicable to information technology, technology in general, the engineering field, digital development and soft skills.

Business Engineering, Technology Leadership, Innovation Strategy, Digital Transformation, Communications and Leadership

General Cover Letter

My staple cover letter without a applicant summary of qualification for a position.

Passion Statement

Supporting Documentation

Volunteer work with United Nations Online and Catchafire network, a dozen professional memberships and global leadership references.

Volunteer Work, Professional Memberships and References

Transitional Project Management Resume

This resume showcases my project management work in small, midsize and large scale projects in retail and wholesale environments. It also includes transferable experience that contributes to skills useful in all roles.

Building for a career with the AICPA and PMI after transition from academics

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